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About Chad Price

Chad Price, CEO of MAKO Medical

Chad Price serves as Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mako Medical Laboratories. In addition to starting this company, he is also the Founder of MakoRX and Co-Founder of BrideGenie. Chad created Mako Medical Laboratories in 2014 to serve medical needs throughout the North Carolina area. The company specifically focuses on healthcare technologies, pharmacy services, and laboratory services, and it’s grown to serve patients in 10 different states. The company has been able to distinguish itself in the medical laboratory space by increasing transparency between medical labs and patients. In 2020, one of Mako Medical’s most notable accomplishments was processing more than five million COVID-19 tests. 

Mako Medical has been recognized not only for its accomplishments within the medical field but also for supporting veterans in the workplace. Price made supporting veterans a central focus of the company from the outset, and the company’s now won multiple awards for its veteran-focused efforts. The company was chosen to represent North Carolina for the SecDef Employer Support Freedom Award, and the Department of Labor has given the company an award for employing veterans.

As CEO, Price remains involved in both the major decisions and regular operations of Mako Medical. MakoRX was founded in 2018 in order to connect patients with area pharmacies that offered the lowest prices on medications. In just a few years, Chad Price has been able to leverage his industry knowledge and experience to grow this company’s network to encompass 16,500 locally-owned pharmacies. Price’s current role with MakoRX is to oversee strategic partnerships, including those that help grow the company’s pharmacy network.


Outside the medical field, Chad Price co-founded BrideGenie in 2019. BrideGenie is an app-based interface that connects engaged couples with vendors, thereby streamlining part of the wedding planning process. Akin to Mako Medical’s and MakoRx’s goals, Bride Genie specifically focuses on transparency with regard to cost. The app makes pricing and expectations clear.


Chad Price has also been a board member of Trill A.I. and founder of Element Service Group Mechanical LLC. Before starting his own companies, Price was the Chief Marketing Officer at Cary Reconstruction.

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