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Josh Arant and Chad Price MAKO Medical Reveal the Latest on the Surges in the Flu, RSV, and COVID

While COVID is still prevalent across the United States and around the globe, the landscape of health is forever-changing. Not only are we combating the current variant of the virus, there’s also the flu and RSV to deal with. So, how can we keep ourselves safe in this brave new world? And how is the healthcare sector responding to this new demand?

Experts Josh Arant and Chad Price, of MAKO Medical Laboratories, a national diagnostics laboratory that was instrumental during the pandemic, have the answers. Having supported the country’s testing strategy over the last two years, the businessmen are well-versed in how to handle the upcoming challenges. As part of a recent podcast interview, Taking the Pulse, Josh Arant shared news of the latest surges and what we can expect from both MAKO Medical and the medical industry in the coming years.

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