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Forbes Magazine Named Chad Price and MAKO Medical One of the Best Startup Employers in 2020

Over the summer, Forbes recognized MAKO Medical as one of the best startup employers in 2020 in its inaugural list. This accomplishment is given to just 500 companies in the nation. MAKO Medical is a diagnostic lab that specializes in fast and accurate results, and its resources and staff have proven to be invaluable during an extremely difficult time.

As COVID-19 restrictions touched nearly every part of our daily lives, MAKO Medical has played a major role in giving back a little of the freedom that we so desperately need. Forbes is honoring the efforts it has made to go the extra mile for the larger community.


MAKO Medical has been a force to be reckoned with in the state of North Carolina. When the pandemic hit, the company initially had to reduce its services. The need for traditional testing dropped off as people put doctor visits on hold and stayed at home.

However, it was a matter of days before it was able to pivot to a new business model. To date, it’s processed millions of COVID tests and developed its own 3-in-1 test that can detect both the coronavirus and two common strains of the flu virus. The demand for COVID-19 testing services has only led the company to grow, giving leaders a chance to hire that many more people in the state.

CEO Chad Price has created this company to give people more control over their healthcare, and he firmly believes that knowledge is power. COO of MAKO Medical, Josh Arrant, has remarked that the company’s success is firmly rooted in its everyday activities. These seemingly inconsequential routines add up to big changes in the company. Arrant says that one of the major goals of MAKO Medical is to bring joy to people, whether that’s through honoring its employees or expediting a lab test for an anxious patient.

What Does Forbes Look for?

When evaluating the best startup employees Forbes looks at a number of different categories, including company growth, employee satisfaction, and employer reputation. (The actual award is given through a partnership between Forbes and Statistica Inc., and the full list of winners can be seen on Forbes Website.

With so many startup companies up for the honor, MAKO Medical stood out for its ingenuity. It had just two weeks to turn its lab into a COVID-testing machine. Its leaders had to devise new strategies with very little information in the face of a life-or-death situation.

When Forbes awarded MAKO this honor in July 2020, the company had accomplished the following:

  • Processed Diasorin Liaison SARS-CoV-2 S1/S2 IgG antibody tests

  • Processed more than 325,000 COVID tests

  • Produced results for 99.6% of tests within 48 hours.

  • Made plans to increase testing capacity.

  • Renovated and expanded lab facilities

  • Added a number of antibody and PCR instruments to improve testing accuracy.

  • Partnered with Rapid Reliable Testing for students attending summer camps.

  • Expanded operations from 50 employees for a shift to 200 people working day and night.

  • Partnered with Luminate Health to provide real-time testing data to patients.

There are some very clear patterns that were set by MAKO Medical that led to the company being singled out by Forbes. Most notably, the company has looked for ways to help fill the gaps during the crisis. As people lost their jobs, MAKO looked for ways to put professionals back to work. As our daily lives were disrupted by the virus, MAKO Medical implemented testing to help give the public a chance at normalcy.

About Chad Price and MAKO Medical

MAKO Medical is a company that provides a number of diagnostic testing services for facilities and patients across the US. CEO Chad Price had the idea for his enterprise after the frustrations of waiting for lab results for a family member. MAKO Medical prides itself on using the most advanced technology of the day to ensure that patients receive the accurate information they need. It’s also active in charity work and nonprofits in every corner of the nation. The company has received numerous local and national awards for its efforts, particularly for its prioritization of hiring former servicemen and women.

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